Bear Traps In The News

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June 2017


BEAR TRAPS on CNBC: What’s driving the market volatility? - June 30, 2017

Larry McDonald, author of the “Bear Traps Report,” takes a closer look at yesterday’s sell-off after a volatile week on Wall Street.



BEAR TRAPS in London: Fed now dealing with suppressed business cycle - June 13, 2017

Larry McDonald, founder of THE BEAR TRAPS REPORT, and Randy Kroszner, former governor at the Federal Reserve, speak about loosening financial regulation in the U.S.



BEAR TRAPS on CNBC: Three beaten retail names that could surge 20% - June 6, 2017

Larry McDonald, THE BEAR TRAPS REPORT global macro strategy, talks about the plummeting retail stocks you should invest in including Nordstrom, Macy's and Kohl's. The “Fast Money”...


May 2017


BEAR TRAPS on CNBC: Ablin; Overvalued market looking for catalyst to correct - May 17, 2017

Jack Ablin, BMO Private Bank, and Larry McDonald of THE BEAR TRAPS REPORT, weigh in on how the turmoil in D.C. could impact the stock market.


April 2017


BEAR TRAPS on CNBC: The surprising sector that’s leading the market - April 21, 2017

Utilities have been on top so far this year, just as they were in 2016. Larry McDonald of THE BEAR TRAPS REPORT and David Seaburg of Cowen & Co. discuss with Brian Sullivan.